How WeChat easily traded billionaires

actually, 7 days before, I would not have killed mad to share such a forced theme, why Mowgli brother whim, so to challenge the limits of WeChat marketing? Is not a title of the party, I believe that you must want to know


this article ideas, from an old client of mine in March 9th, is also a good friend of Mowgli brother do a 1 to 1 consultants, in order for the customer’s business secret, my next meeting W to name my advisory clients.

W is a 70, is a professional real estate architect, technical Indoorsman typical. 2012 for the first time in Shenzhen, opened only 10 people in the design institute. Because he is a typical technology Yake O, good design but not good at marketing, the new company and the lack of visibility, so the opening of 6 months have not received an order, will soon fall into the plight of wages.


W 2013 total net bullfrog specially invited us to make the whole network marketing consultant, 99% traditional marketing pattern of Architectural Design Institute are on the ground to relationship marketing, this is his weakness. I suggest that he does not do the same thing, but that the ground floor, then simply develop the air force, the use of network marketing to develop new customers. He accepted our suggestion, and we helped him to build a website, the SEO search optimization, last year also launched Baidu for advertising, the performance of doing it step by step, 2013 12 million, 2014 for the real estate industry overall decline, they made about 7000000.

and this time he ask me: he recently faced problems due to the market of the entire real estate industry fell sharply, they rely on search marketing tactics has been unable to meet the development of the company, he hopes to find a new marketing tactics, bring new breakthrough for the company.

brother Mowgli and total W was discussed for more than two hours, finally find a new marketing model is feasible, then I will make a long story short, we focus on and share, I hope to play a valuable role.

1, the first to do precise business


I suggest him before marketing promotion, first they identify a segment of the market positioning, the market segments, it is best to have a certain market demand online, and fewer competitors, but their company and more competitive, and even can be called expert. W company is to do a comprehensive architectural design, but with the increasingly homogeneous network competition intensifies, the market trend is bound to continue to subdivide, only vertical professional brand to win customers.

W for their first conceived a position: "experts" design of a new type of real estate, I say this position is very general, stall shop too much, it is difficult to impress people, after in-depth understanding of W, finally I helped him to find a suitable location for their commercial district subdivision: design expert. After making a new positioning, how to find a breakthrough marketing tactics, quickly find customers, >

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