Forum moderator in Olympic Valley SEO contest

: why do you want to participate in Olympic Valley game


when the first time 100 Valley SEO contest, I am very excited. Only six months of learning SEO I would like to challenge SEOER masters and many SEO enthusiasts to communicate and learn together. So was born yesterday. Baidu is known to copy the page, ready for a single page, pure static response to competition. I hope it will bring me a good ranking.

two: so webmaster friends to participate in the Olympic Valley


contest time: from April 9, 2008 to May 28, 2008 (full 50 days) entry requirements are as follows:

1 all the domain name registration time for the April 8, 2008 24:00 after

2 all the content of the site is not limited, but can not violate the relevant policies of China’s Internet

3 all the site optimization techniques are not limited, but not malicious competition, to combat others

4 can use a page can also use a website, you can also use a new domain name, do not obviously cheat, show your optimization skills, enjoy the style of seo.

5 this competition without registration, the team or individual can directly participate in, Admin5 webmaster network will have a professional statistical work

6 the final closing date of the contest is: May 28, 2008 12:00 by the time when the Admin5 webmaster network staff statistics and screenshots publicity

7 all rankings should be natural ranking search engine (non competitive)

8 all the entries must be marked at the bottom of the mailbox, easy to send prizes to accurately check the relevant information

three: participate in the SEO contest will have 100 abstruse cereal and reap what kind of


the results of the game is not important, important we can test to prove their SEO level. In fact, we learn the purpose of SEO is not to call you to cheat. But with the webmaster through the activities to deepen the understanding and understanding of the search engine.

engaged in the SEO industry owners, who are very powerful. So how do we do that? It’s a game of course. It’s open, just and fair. Unless you’re a Baidu or GG technician.

OK, a moderator have participated in the competition. You webmaster friends, especially the professional level of SEORE, what are you waiting for?

four: finally, I hope this article can mobilize the enthusiasm of everyone. To participate in the race of the webmaster friends and I hope to do a link. QQ:3379 53276. Our friendship first, competition second!


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