Wang Tong three principles of network crisis public relations

in recent days, a network event triggered a crisis of public relations in the industry to discuss, I have many years ago to a state-owned enterprises to do consulting, put forward the three core principles of network crisis public relations.

first, attitude is more important than facts

second, the topic is better than the transfer of

third, coverage is more effective than delete

principle 1: attitude is more important than facts

general crisis events are so spread by network communication:


is the core of the driving force: emotions will be contagious!

in the crisis spread, is a kind of one-sided false negative emotions induced by the vast number of users of the language, and then after that processing after amplification, the driving force in all of this is contagious. In this communication, the vast majority of people do not care about the truth, just like to believe in imagination.

in the face of negative emotions, the attitude should be more important than the facts. Do not respond to the following emotions:

1, opposite

2, ignored

3, superior

4, formalism

as long as you are such an attitude, will continue to intensify things. This time the best strategy is that you have to understand the feelings of others, to understand the attitude of others, to come up with their sincere attitude to deal with, in order to ease the further intensification of the time to enlarge.

had Li Tianyi’s mother with friends to work, things may not be sharpened to no posterior; if these two days is not so cold as group response, and Yi hotel events will not be so much trouble.

only let down their attitude to ease the mood, the attention of Internet users naturally transferred, the vast majority of events, but a week of excitement.

principle two: the topic is better than

a little crisis event, you are surrounded by the media, no matter how you deal with, you will fall into a passive state, this time should be used to shift the topic to become active.

to do so, you can put a lot of negative things into a positive spread!

, for example: when the Haier Zhang Ruimin hit the refrigerator, the quality of the poor hit directly to reshape the image of the brand in the hearts of the masses, which is a good PR strategy.

if the home group, directly to the event, harsh self-criticism, punish accident Hotel, and then released relentless, since then, under the hotel to prevent similar incidents, we welcome you to monitor, found a prize. So, you can take this event to enhance their.

give up attitude, face the problem, self criticism, improve themselves, and users will give you the opportunity!!!!! "

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