Can a blogger call for money

That week jointly issued the Xinning /

national informatization evaluation center and internet lab "2007 development trend of China Network Advertising Research Report": Internet advertising is evolving into a new form. The first generation of the Internet advertising portal advertising, is a brand exhibition by browsing payment; the second generation of Google, as a representative of the Baidu search advertising, PPC advertising; the third generation of the Internet advertising is the pay per call (or phone billing) advertising, this is the next generation of Internet advertising mining the huge cash flow direction.

no matter how many generations of advertising patterns, I put forward here is the third generation may not be the mainstream of the future direction, but does not rule out the existence of this model can make money. Today to see a piece of paper, the content is: the future of the blog through the "call billing" this personal blog business model can make a lot of money. For now, according to call billing model, after all, was launched less than half a year, the effect and vitality, and now it is too early to assert. From the industry point of view, the possible effect of enrollment, beauty, home improvement, courier service industry is good, if so, limitations of the regional product categories, properties of the blog, and dispersion will be a big problem. The future of these blog advertising may be more and e-commerce combined, and even combined with the mode of life, but each kind of profit model estimates will not be particularly large. Although each profit model has its own advantages, but the common problem is the need to continue to enhance the user experience, which will determine the length of life of this business model.

The so-called

call advertising, refers to the intention of the telephone consultation to advertisers, advertisers in receipt of a valid phone, you need to pay for the cost of the corresponding advertising company, and then by the advertising company received from the cost of extract 30-50% Commission pay bloggers. In statistics, the statistical standard number of valid phone or a blank, bloggers call money or smoke and mirrors.

and I agree is that Sina blog business model, released three quarter earnings in the Sina blog, business model for the first time to make money, the blog business quarter revenue of $1 million 600 thousand, an increase of 60%, with more and more influence on personal blog, Samsung, China Mobile, BMW, the car and other major brands have to start advertising personal blog. Personal blog owners can make money, but also to the blog portal station to ponder about, can consider the traffic + click rate ratio to pay for the blog owner of a model?

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