Network promotion network business how to carry out

has a lot of friends on the Internet opened a Taobao shop, there are a lot of friends want to use the network to sell products, there are many companies have established a website, there are a lot of friends want to earn money online. So many friends want to develop the network, that they see a good network, but slowly you will find that you can not earn money.


I remember when they first began to contact the Internet to make money, at that time we are used to promote marketing software, such as the forum mass software, QQ mass software, QQ software, etc.. Every day as long as we add a group of software, and then the software group QQ group, fully automated, a day to send hundreds of QQ group can, the effect is not to ask.

at that time only know how to make money, what network promotion method I do not learn, there is software on it, which need to learn ah. Later, I have no time to do a network of six months, but I found that the previous software can not be used, a lot of money to make money is not the project.

at that time felt that he chose the wrong, when I blindly to make money, but also spent almost. At that time, and I do the network of people, some learning SEO, and some learn to build, in short, that time I have nothing left, and others, but there are a lot of technology. Later, I realized that some of the network technology is really important.

was lucky enough to meet a teacher who taught me SEO, and SEO had to be combined with other methods. When the teacher gave me to arrange the daily work, such as classified information network, business yellow pages, forums, quizzes, library website. It can be said that the general network promotion methods are used. At that time, I do not understand why do so many promotion.

later I really understand the significance of the network promotion, you rely on one or two methods is really not, after all, people are limited, only a lot of ways to use it, you can do better. Previously, like Baidu know I do not love to do, because the audit is too strict, and I never do business yellow pages platform. Slowly, I have to learn all these methods, only to be used in the future.

later, I sell toys on the Internet, I was also learning a lot of ways, I put their knowledge to promote toys. Of course, some good results, some of the results are not good, slowly for the promotion of the experience is, what kind of product is suitable for what kind of method. If you do not promote the network, I believe you really do not know how to do, and so on, and so there is no money.

often hear a lot of people opened a Taobao shop, but, after a period of time not to do. My five years to customers did nearly 100 enterprises website, but these are a lot of enterprise website does not renew, preferring to stand off. Some of the money on the network, and finally do not do. Why? The main reason is that they do not understand the network promotion.

some companies believe that as long as there is a website to talk about the industry

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