Push God know this way WeChat marketing is not difficult

avenue to Jane, Avenue interlinked.

do things like love, into the road just happy.

I said, marketing is like playing mahjong, but also good to the card technology is very likely to touch. But I found that some people not to fight technology, but even the basic level of "Tao" things do not understand, it is still not play, not on the road, let alone play good or bad problem. Just like playing basketball, some people do not understand how to score, shooting angle and intensity of how to control and you don’t feel, just like the blind blind, this mess, how can the game


marketing is really everywhere, whether I’m playing mahjong or playing basketball, I can understand. Even if I was looking at a beautiful woman, in fact, look at the beauty is a kind of art, I was wondering why I will be attracted to her?. And WeChat marketing should first be done on the human level to attract art. Just like a beautiful woman, first of all, it must be because she has a certain point (chest, legs, face, etc.) attracted you, and then you will have to want to communicate with her further understanding of the desire is. You will not say, because she sells what or what the industry and her love of this man, this is a bit of money worship male suspect, this would violate the truth of my dog. But it happens that some people do not understand this truth, so I can not help but to blow out a little.

This is not

, there is a beauty in the micro business wants me to help her in my public number push her products and micro signal yesterday, I say you have soft do I look, don’t know, a look surprised, this is where the soft, this is naked hard ah, mom how can I bear to, to pay attention to my fans so? Then I’ll tell her how to do some WeChat marketing, build a personal brand of the road. I have to see her friends, that she really is a big beauty, in fact, this is a big advantage of her right ah, to be a little narcissistic, often playing the self, to attract male customers, using various means to meet the needs of target customers, just like like miss. In fact, she did, at least I was attracted to her. But I also found a problem is, her circle of friends is too clean, I don’t know what she is doing, and later learned that she has two micro signals, one is without any advertising life, one is pure to sell advertising. Then I feel very funny, the product and the personality and charm off, how to play this good marketing in WeChat? WeChat was an instant messaging tools, first person is used to communicate with the people’s social tools. This determines the play in the above marketing, do micro business can not do without social, inseparable from the character of these elements. It is not as direct as Taobao or Jingdong is to deal with things, with the product, interested in the product and then with people, with the shop to deal with the main, this trust is very low. And WeChat is just the opposite, the first thing is to play the character, that is trust, which is the need to pass the personal social life >

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