The financing of winter approaching the rise of the angel of death theory start up companies to dig

Abstract: if you are talking about some of the investment in the next 35 months to get financing, then quickly put money in hand. Alibaba in 2004, when over 5 million U.S. dollars, with a slightly lower than the price in 2000, is to reserve the winter."


angel can’t throw

"we must be slowing down. It is now responsible for the unrest, at least from the capital and the investor’s point of view, if the industry or the whole situation in the adjustment, this time I still don’t know what happened, all in accordance with the original rhythm, we will not do so." Saif partners in Yangdong accept the "First Financial Daily" said in an interview with reporters, and two different level market, investors in a market to stop the cost is very low, partial rational investors in the change will become cautious.

"I don’t think this is disastrous, and the United States before the real estate crisis compared to the tsunami, the impact is too strong, but (Chinese economic) overall is still in a slow process of transformation, and this transformation is the result of certain experience and is great, I feel it one possibility is that investors will slow down, but the degree of collective, how long is it is difficult to predict." Yangdong said.


founder Deng Feng believes that this round of two level market turmoil will directly affect the level of market valuation.

from the financing point of view, financing affected by various factors, the two market is one of the factors. In the short term, the two market will indirectly affect the valuation of the primary market. Some time ago we feel that the B round, C round valuation is very high, I personally feel B, C round valuation will go down, the valuation of the impact of the A round than to be large. But this is an average estimate, not a case." Deng Feng said.

wind and investment chairman Wu Jiong also agree with this view. He said they are concerned about the early stages of the initial stage, or will maintain a relatively stable pace, regardless of the stock market is good or bad, will vote for a few projects each year. But for the relatively advanced enterprises, especially close to the listing of enterprises, there will be a greater impact, the need for special attention to the market, and the more to the latter, the profit model will be more attention.

but very believes that the investment amount will be a collective down, but the angels may feel the pain".

"I’ve called for a lot of times, but you don’t listen when you’re crazy: Angels have to invest less, and you know what you know and what you know. Can not violate the laws of the industry, if you do not fly more investment projects, the failure rate will be higher, the final injury." Very think, now A round, B round of investment is less, a conservative, many enterprises may soon die, this time will eliminate a large number of special irrational angel. Help is not chaos, threw my familiar, threw my friend, this is the standard practice of angel."


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