Understanding website planning 2

learning SEO website optimization, while understanding the site planning. The last time we had a simple plan for personal website planning.

this time I want to understand the type of enterprise website and e-commerce site planning. There are some similarities between the types of Web sites and the types of e-commerce sites, which are more important than the individual sites in the planning process. I said the outline of the plan, can be considered generic, but it is not universal, flexible use, to identify key planning points, is the most suitable for your own.

Planning Outline:

a, the location of the site’s theme and name

The theme of the

site we have mentioned in the previous article [understanding site planning (1)].

two, the location of the site style

three, website column

four, web directory structure

five, website link structure

1, tree link structure

2, star link structure

six, positioning the site’s CI image

1, design site logo (logo)

2, the design site slogan

is our basic planning website in several aspects need to be considered, if the enterprise or the type of e-commerce website, we also need to consider the network marketing strategy of website, network marketing strategy, SEO website optimization, user experience, target customers to conversion, and deeper research to the site of the profit mode and operation mode network marketing management.

I have the following points one by one analysis:

first, the network marketing strategy

1, the basic functions of marketing:

network brand, website promotion, information release, sales promotion, sales channel, customer service, customer relationship, online survey.

network marketing methods:

search engine registration, keyword search, online advertising, exchange links, information release, mailing list, license E-mail marketing, website cooperation, membership marketing, viral marketing.

2, enterprise website function:

brand image, product / service display, information release, customer service, customer relationship, online survey, online alliance, online sales.

enterprise website planning basic content:

purpose, domain name and website name, main functions, technical solutions, content planning, testing and publishing, promotion, maintenance, financial budget.

3, customer service in network marketing:

(1) online

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