Analysis of visual marketing strategy in store design

on the network, the customer’s understanding of the product and the store is the most important through the presentation of the shop page combined with their imagination to decide whether to order, so the visual presentation of the shop page is particularly important. Few visual marketing success stories on Taobao, for example, Septwolves garment industry, Han clothing, cosmetics industry, Royal mud square and so on.

a good page presentation can enhance the image of the brand, stimulate the customer’s desire to buy, and a bad page will let the customer is not polite to close the page, resulting in the loss of customers. Here we through the design of the layout of the shop page to illustrate the role of visual marketing as well as the need to pay attention to some of the page.

analysis from the human visual habits, open a shop in the home, the line of sight of people the first time will stay here in the shop recruit poster, and customers to see this figure after one to two seconds can decide whether to continue to look down or leave off the page. The key factors that lead to the fate of the customer is the shop’s color collocation and the style, the human is very sensitive to color, color accounted for 90% in the human visual guidance, reasonable color collocation can make people feel comfortable, to store brands and products have a sense of identity, and the color will cause customers out of order aversion, so the color is a very important factor, we must pay attention to the collocation between color and product.

what color collocation is reasonable? First of all, we must according to the product with their own style positioning a main color, such as Korean women to choose some lovely and warm colors, while Europe and other colors around the main colors of collocation and embellishment. The main colors including its similar colors, adjacent colors accounted for about 80% of the other 20% color collocation, collocation and color must be with the main color with the main colors of the collocation contact, usually not to use the main color contrast color collocation. Studies have shown that a picture if more than three colors will make people start to produce a sense of clutter. There are a lot of shopkeeper will make a mistake, the color is too rich, not highlight the main tone, and even used many contrasting color contrast, the customer in the face of this page will feel very uncomfortable, doesn’t go on patience.

use of color contrast is generally used on product labels, to highlight the product promotions, new products, explosion and other words, this time with contrast color but will play a very good effect, but one must pay attention to is the label should be taboo writing too much information on the General tab write a message, a maximum of not more than two, more than three customers to achieve may not know what you want to highlight what, or to label the desired effect.

Another problem of

collocation is the product style, such as the Korean version of women’s can not be used in Europe and the United States model, European style women don’t shop decoration very cute, it will make people have a foreigner wearing costumes feeling, is neither fish nor fowl. The text expression in the picture

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