Nocturne how to do promotion enterprise website offline

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to a customer, rather baffling of your company does a website promotion are almost half a year are not a Zhang Shengyi, this is not cheating? At the time of the Ningbo website promotion tangle, how did not make the list with website promotion what? Don’t blame us to run your list? Or did not bring you list? Website promotion is still bring potential customer to customers make list of


with the popularity of the network, many of the small business website is a choice of the network company website and website ranking, but a site, ranking, flow is good, the people have completed the website promotion. Website promotion is not to you to take the list. There is no list to see your company’s own ability, maybe your customer service mouth is not good, or the quality is not good, or the price is too high and cause the loss of the list. The enterprise website is not only online promotion, and the promotion of the line is also a very big factor. The enterprise website promotion should be done under the line


1 print advertising promotion

(1) print advertising: the cost is relatively low, a wide range of inputs, but not enough accuracy.

promotion should be focused on the low cost of promotion, advertising posters, leaflets advertising, product catalogs, enterprise introduction, to increase after the middle of newspaper and magazine advertisements.

(2) print advertising: high cost, a wide range of attention.

promotion to the next calendar advertising, increased again after the middle of advertising signs.

2 media advertising promotion

media advertising: communication speed, but not strong pertinence.

should focus on the promotion of low-cost promotion in the early stage, the main network advertising, and then increase the television and radio advertising.

3 entity advertising promotion

entity advertising: the spread of small, targeted

promotion to hold or participate in auto parts exhibition, improve the popularity of the website, and can be customized for a large number of small handicraft, office supplies, as the entity advertising carrier, printed on the company web site, free of charge to the partners, including regular partners and overseas manufacturers.

4 card

in fact, the business card is also a print ad, and print ads are not the same. Business card is issued with just know. This will bring you more or less customers. (name card name card is divided into two kinds, one for publicity, for businesses to run, so the design should pay attention to two kinds of propaganda style) don’t hit what someone name card, like the manager, mainly designed website style on the line, then go to the downtown area is good, there are a few points:

, 1 people received the name card easy to carry, can be put in his pocket, back home can be taken out according to the URL you enter, but most of it will read leaflets away, even want to.

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