Make a call from beginning to end

store customer service, an essential operating post. Customer service sometimes, like tourist attractions guide, service customer service, customer service, the main purpose is to help clients disambiguation answer. To meet the requirements of a customer service, it is not necessary to have much success, and is a complete customer service.

usually need to deal with the process of customer service is generally divided into customer reception, answer questions, and guide the order out of politeness. Look at the following figure:


1: first greetings

in general, most stores will set up the first quick reply phrases, recommend the latest activities, although many buyers do not necessarily see. This is not to say that we should all understand. Second, is our greetings to customers. For example: Hello pro, "winter Fu food store customer service: service," for you, what can I help you? With a small face, personally, this greeting is also good, polite and not human.

two: Troubleshooting

troubleshooting, generally divided into pre-sale and after-sales. No matter before or after the sale, the main problems are concentrated in three areas – product issues, delivery problems and express.


1 product problem

for pre-sale customer service, the problem of the design of the product we must quickly read the sharp look at the buyer’s favorite baby, in order to answer customer questions. Each store will have a few hot baby, most of the buyers can collect customer service consulting, ready to deal with the responses and sorted out quick phrases.

(a shop there are several mainstream products, customer service should consider several mainstream sales for each baby baby, do a quick phrase grouping, which can help the customer quickly respond to customer, save time. Each question as a quick phrase classification, easy to query the use of

for customer service, it is the product quality of dissatisfaction with the reply and treatment. First of all, to apologize to customers is always right, but it can not fully meet the requirements of customers. In general, the photo can be proved, please politely inform the customer, trouble to provide the next picture, easy to prove and negotiate. There are very few buyers, we often say that bad teacher, Zhuangan immoral behavior, will take the initiative to return the praise. Although the return of cash is very small, but for such a threat, we should refuse. If the buyer is bad malicious threats, customer service can be ignored in polite explanation, want news record has been enough to refute the buyer unreasonable demands, days after the shop in the appeal also has evidence to refute the buyer.

2 delivery problems and express problem

for pre-sale customer service, the vast majority are two or three days before the date of the order can be issued, quick phrase set on

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