The future of marketing set off marketing so that customers take the initiative to come to the door

and active customers push marketing to set off ratio, lower marketing costs, more accurate positioning, rather than investment spending and other advantages, more and more enterprises and marketing people begin to pay attention to inbound marketing, and started using the inbound marketing strategy to explore the brand publicity road.

What is the

inbound marketing (Inbound Marketing)? Inbound marketing and traditional marketing push type (Outbound Marketing) compared to, what are the advantages? How to use inbound marketing to attract consumers take the initiative to come to? How to improve the conversion rate of flow, the potential consumers into actual consumers here? The information map will tell you the answer.

information content:

1, the relationship between customer marketing and website, content and SEO;

2, set off marketing is different from the 4 aspects of push marketing;

3, why should the use of set – off marketing to establish a strong corporate image online;

4, the use of customer marketing;

5, to collect customer marketing, you need to pay attention to what?





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