Taobao or on line blacklist features best buyers will be pulled black

news June 24th, according billion state power network understanding, will enhance the protection of the rights and interests of the seller gradually, sources said, the future may on-line blacklist function, so that the seller can pull the black on the part of buyers "".

recently, open was deleted by the seller of goods can recycle baby back, and the deleted goods also has two times to remind function, this feature is gradually open to Taobao sellers, then open to Tmall mall sellers; future will also address the seller because the wrong category was penalized. The problem, the wrong category may be mandatory under the commodity price.

Zhang Yu, vice president of Alibaba

recently sought advice from the user on micro-blog: the seller needs the blacklist function, the seller can choose part of the buyer does not sell." According to sources, Taobao will then open the function of black buyers, the purpose is to solve the occupation of the division of the interests of the seller.

billion state power network to understand, most sellers expressed support for the opening of black, also hope that the seller can view the future buyers credit record function. But there are also concerns about the seller, worry about blacklist function useless, buyers can retaliate against the seller through the application of multiple account form.

Taobao behavior shows that the future of Taobao is not only concerned about the protection of the rights and interests of buyers, but also gradually began to improve the protection of the rights and interests of the seller, the development of the entire platform to provide good order and environment." An industry source said.

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