The user analysis of the fine operation of e commerce

fine operation, improve operational efficiency, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises is increasingly and widely in the electricity business enterprise gradually action, just last month, we have done a "fine operation" proposal, today my spare time and friends to discuss together, is more valuable I hope, and the vast majority of peers to explore together. The main framework of the program as shown below, as a result of the proposal is very long, so today to share with you the user analysis, positioning, value mining, fine operation. I will share the other content to discuss.

electricity supplier joke:

a rich man wants to marry his wife, there are three candidates, the rich gave the three girls each $one thousand, please fill the room. The first girl bought a lot of cotton, filled the room with 1/2. Second girls bought a lot of balloons, filled the room 3/4. Third girls bought candles to fill the room with light. In the end, the rich chose the biggest one. The story tells us that it is important to understand the real needs of the customer.

a, user positioning

The essence of

in any business is to "meet customer expectations" and "beyond expectation", the first MIW to know what users love? How to meet their needs? Their behavior? Their purpose? Everyone’s interest, hobbies, personality, culture, economic situation is not the same, in the purchase of psychological It differs from man to man. also. So the formation of a variety of buying motives.

"only to help users achieve their goal of shopping, MIW can truly realize their goals; we think we should pay attention to the user experience in the mall before the project comprehensive promotion, for user’s convenience and derivative loyalty. The following figure shows the methods and contents of MIW user analysis:

two, data analysis

when MIW users in the E-commerce mall with the purchase behavior, the potential customers from the mall into the value of customers. The transaction information of the user MIW e-commerce platform, including the purchase time, the purchase of goods, purchase quantity, payment amount of information stored in its database, we can store the operation data to analyze transactions based on their users to estimate the value of each, and for each user to expand marketing (Lead Generation the possibility of).

3 principles to evaluate user value:

(1) indicators can be quantified;

(2) as comprehensive as possible: according to the underlying data to select as many indicators can be obtained, so that can be analyzed from many angles and evaluation;

(3) linear independence: that is, as far as possible between the indicators remain irrelevant. For example, if the number of users to choose the number of purchases and the total amount of consumption, it must be the number of users to buy more the higher the total amount of consumption, which is the result of the evaluation dimension >

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