Discussion on B2M model in electronic commerce

is a new development model in B2M, and it is also a key point. For B2M, B2B business model, which is a new e-commerce mode is more complex, the development of this model with the two C2C model has a very different point, we have the following B2M for the pattern of electronic commerce as one of the most basic introduction to


in the first few e-commerce model, its target customers are directly for the product of the consumer, the difference between the target customer is also a fundamental difference with the e-commerce model. Because the target consumer group B2M is not the end of the consumer products, but for the enterprise or business consumers. Not the end consumer.

an enterprise can through the network platform to release their products and services. While manager can be obtained for the enterprise products and services through the Internet, their main responsibility is to provide product sales service and enterprise service for the business enterprise, to achieve a purpose of product sales through online occupation managers, professional managers in the process from the enterprise to obtain commission.

can be said that B2M is a kind of occupation by managers in the process of this important transition to help its product sales, service and sales, several can be traded places only online, a whole service which can be through the offline transactions to achieve product, so this way for electronic commerce is a relatively new, has great potential for development way! Can also save a lot of cost for the enterprise.

The typical situation development of

B2M is an enterprise if their products are sold to, or want to sell their services, let more consumers to accept and buy their products, it will release their information on the Internet, occupation managers can then access the information on network after understanding these products, as well as detailed information service, they need to do is to these products have received their own here, of course, develop marketing strategies to make the difference, market promotion and so on are the managers to fix. But in the whole process, the production enterprise’s role is just a bystander role, so it can obtain the profit is relatively small, and the manager can through this way the good will of the enterprise’s products and services to an effective sales. Of course, they can get a profit is relatively large. For both, the former is to want to promote their products in the market, and for the latter, their main responsibility is to be responsible for the sale of these products. Therefore, although the two hold a purpose is not consistent, but in the end can achieve the same effect, are through this product to profit. The purpose of both can be achieved. This is also a very important part of the development process

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