The top level design of rural electricity supplier imminent introduction of electricity supplier gia

trainee reporter Kim micro Beijing reported

in the "Internet plus", "rural electricity supplier" trend, more and more electricity began to go to rural areas.

"we have reached a strategic cooperation in the first half of the year and the more than and 60 counties. This year, the goal is to reach the goal of the 200 counties, which are planned to cover most of the county with rich resources of agricultural products in the next five years." Gao Haiyan, vice president of Mu Tian Group said.

at present, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of Finance issued a strong support for rural electricity providers. It is reported that, as the top-level design, led by the Ministry of Commerce in conjunction with other departments to promote the development of rural e-commerce research has been developed in the country has been completed, is expected to be available in the near future.

is involved in the drafting of the opinions of Beijing Technology and Business University professor Hong Tao told the "China Times" reporter said that the views of the Ministry of commerce including business electricity supplier of agricultural products, agricultural and rural household electricity supplier industrial electricity supplier, electricity supplier of renewable resources four blocks, the electricity supplier of agricultural products is the priority among priorities.

vigorously promote the policy, local governments have set up electricity supplier to do, while the electricity supplier giant is stepping up to grab the site". Hong Tao believes that the development of rural electricity providers should not be a great leap forward, now more than 90% agricultural electricity providers is loss of rural electricity providers should take the road of sustainable development.

electricity supplier giant village plan

recently, every village in three village of Hebei town of Qian’an large set of days, there will be printed with a flow of people experience electric car "big van to the village, the car in addition to a" virtual shelves ", also display a number of commodities. Farmers can not only buy consumer goods, but also to see the price trend of fertilizer.

the flow of electricity supplier behind the operation of the project called Amoy benefits, set up more than a year, the rapid development of rural electricity supplier in the field. Until now, the country has more than 5 thousand points, by the end of this year is expected to reach 10000, its founder Chen Wei’s goal is to rebuild a Taobao in the countryside".

this is a case of rural electricity supplier, in addition to these new types of electricity providers such as Amoy benefits, Alibaba, Jingdong, shop No. 1, I bought the network has also begun to layout. Among them, the Jingdong opened to the three or four line of the city and countryside caravan, Ali launched the "million village" 1000 County plan.

recently, the Alibaba of Hebei Longyao County Rural Taobao project was officially launched, according to the plan, Longyao will build a Taobao shop in the rural county, the county 276 villages, solve the network domain to the countryside, agricultural products, goods to pay online ticket booking service, and the local government to build a project by ali.

at present, the rural Taobao has a large area in the country layout, and attracted the participation of listed companies. Yang Feng 18 announcement, rural Taobao platform company and a subsidiary of Alibaba to carry out online and offline to cooperation, from the traditional distribution model to the transformation of regional agricultural service platform. This will be the first settled Ali village Amoy, the compound fertilizer brand.

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