Groupon Buy mode site is not suitable for two or three line city operation

Groupon website from America to China, just less than 3 months time, is the blossom everywhere. From the first tier cities to the north, to second tier cities, such as Xi’an, Wuhan, Nanchang, Hefei and so on, buy the site, such as springing up in general, grab the public eye overnight. Can look at the reality, so far, in addition to the U.S. group in Beijing operation is successful, each other, in addition to the concept of speculation, is really not something tangible, is worthy of the name.

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from the two or three line of the city came to be, for the total economy, the old concept of City Public Co., which I know the difficulty of operation, in the operation of the Nanchang visitors network, in order to transfer the way in disguise failed. The reasons for the failure, of course, are many, for example, I do not have enough resources to promote the lack of strength, etc.. See I resolutely unable to make improvements, sold off network group. See the city there is a buy site, the name is not to say, this site, boarding a slightly larger local portal, according to reason, traffic should not be a problem, but the volume is not satisfactory. So, I carefully observed their goods, to tell the truth, how a tragic zile. For example, they today is 25 yuan project group purchase group purchase BaiHuaZhou movie tickets, I want to do this project before the group purchase, but did not do, it is because the price is no advantage, because the Nanchang side of the ticket, which can be used for coupons, BaiHuaZhou much better facilities than in Golden, only 23 yuan just imagine, have a group purchase price is more expensive, actually, for who, who will buy

?Unlike the

first-tier cities, highly developed commodity economy, the backward in Nanchang capital city, for group purchase commodity resource is quite limited; as you know, not very attractive commodity, the so-called Groupon model would be impossible, this may be the two or three line of the city operation mode of Groupon website, the real problem must be to take into account.

is also I mentioned it throughout the site, on-line since May 5th all group purchase project, only the success of the 8 single business, how many of them have failed group purchase? We can make nothing of it! Whether there are water, we also can make nothing of it! But one thing we know is that a portal to a channel the resources, only in exchange for such a poor performance, there is no success in any case.

I don’t know how long this site can hold, but you can imagine, if the pace of walking, it is very difficult to survive in June, this is one of my pre life cycle judgment on it.

for many small groups and individual entrepreneurs, the site’s operating difficulties, is quite comparable. Because compared to this site, you also have to spend more manpower, capital access to traffic, is tantamount to double battle, which is difficult to imagine. The so-called warning, a guide for the future, hope more prepared in the two or three line of the city people can prepare operation.


above is only for reference only statements of a school.

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