Network marketing to seize the consumer psychology

in the morning to go to work when suddenly, colleagues sent a link that is over, you can receive a free film, in fact, such a cheap thing is not the first time to meet, but still very curious and open! At the site of the step-by-step guidance, I successfully receive a natural collagen Moisturizing Mask no, deceived, is really free, does not charge any fees, including postage, registered a number, fill in the contact address and harvest, finally also participated in the activities recommended receive a hundred yuan gift! Outsiders may be curious about this kind of businesses do not lose money? Where is he this? But this is really a successful marketing! So this series of simple behavior in less than 5 minutes of what contains? Here is my claim and steps to realize the marketing mode of personal thought Method.

(1) received a link from the colleague, opened the

out of curiosity

(2) related search and investigation

See the

page, very pretty good, just want to verify this product! Very speed at that Post Bar, users of the evaluation are good, rest assured, return to the start page at


(3) to receive and participate in related activities

get some validation, began to focus on the product itself, carefully browse related functions, choose the products they need, read for rules, registered members, fill in the delivery address, QQ, email, mobile phone number, receive success, finally participated in the recommendation of friends, only to copy the link to the 10 friends, if you have successfully received products through this link, you can get the price of 100 yuan gift! I have done, so all over


that the old marketing practices why the success of

a, GF links, seize consumer psychology

This is how

curious link spread to your hand? Almost all the friends, sisters, colleagues came, and perhaps you look at the ads that, for Chinese love cheap thought and care about my friends, you will imperceptibly added to the ranks of the push pin. Regardless of the success of the conversion of the number of exclusion is not interested, not cheap! Anyway and see nothing, the probability of the link is opened is almost 100%! Even some will finish all the previous steps to verify that it is not free! Browse rate, more or less to some users impression.

two, user experience and trust clearance

this step is the key, "open, or to see, or directly off the site structure is simple and elegant, pass the customer first impression, good user experience, this is the sales side to their own efforts to do, so I chose to remain in observation. Now netizens are very safe meaning, to see a strange brand, they do not know how to do it is not too outdated, but also for verification and vanity of psychology, it is convenient to start searching for relevant information and

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