Su ningyun turn Crowdsourcing can be profitable

to build more business resources, Su ningyun for innovative products enterprises launched the "Suning Crowdsourcing platform". On July 8th, vice president Su ningyun Wang Zhe said, before the project has been advancing underwriting based on the platform step by step, Suning Crowdsourcing 2015 sales target of 25 billion yuan, in 2017 sales will reach 45 billion yuan.

Crowdsourcing after the establishment of the vendor is not a simple relationship between Su ningyun and innovation of the enterprise, but based on the relationship of the industrial chain. is a sales platform, Crowdsourcing more inclined to purchase. Crowdsourcing to increase the channels can be realized, whether it is engaged in design, creative, in addition, to reduce the cost of the entire industry chain." Sun Weimin said, before the purchase is for the contract, it is for a single product."


reporter was informed that the Crowdsourcing Suning O2O full channel core underwriting carrier, the creative concept, design Chinese massive, integrated requirements definition, industrial design, product development, big data / cloud services, content services, financial incubators and the whole industry chain Crowdsourcing resources. Suning crowdsourcing provides creative, shared resource integration platform for crowdsourcing service solutions from various stages of innovation, work, products, goods and supplies.

crowdsourcing first force 3C, home appliances, Internet based intelligent hardware products, the latter will continue to extend the product category to the mother and child, department stores daily necessities, home, cultural and entertainment derivatives.

8 day, Su ningyun, vice president Sun Weimin said, Crowdsourcing ultimate goal is for sale, and the apple, packages, for example, apple to Foxconn for the list, Foxconn orders purchased equipment in hundreds of billions, although Apple will also pay the high cost of processing. This is the past from top to bottom to build the model, crowdsourcing is from the bottom up to do, gathered in the creative, design, Suning is to play the power of the channel."

whether Suning can achieve profitability in the industry, Su Ning said, the demand for reliable circumstances, reduce costs, (Suning) is the largest investment costs." For the cooperation and innovation of enterprises may face the risk, and on twenty-first Century economic report said, Suning will take two measures to control risk, the first is accurate definition of demand direction; second is to reduce the cost of the industrial chain, the market price of the product will be more close to the people.

prior to May 2014, Su ningyun chairman Zhang Jindong stressed that Suning will change the deep-seated patterns of supply chain collaboration, change the past in order to negotiate the game as the leading model for user demand driven commodity cooperation models".

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