Last year Taobao sold goods amounted to more than 520 billion yuan

Information Times News (reporter Pan Jingwen Huang Yan) reporter learned yesterday, to the end of March this year, goods sales have exceeded 600 billion yuan, in the Alibaba system at the end of 2014, the Alibaba retail platform for direct employment opportunities in Guangdong province to provide about 2 million 706 thousand yuan, accounting for the first. And in 2014 by Taobao to sell goods for the country has more than 520 billion yuan.


according to the relevant responsible person said, from Ali recently "embrace the rural electricity supplier" and actively participate in the county of Guangdong Province, the electronic commerce and the construction of rural informatization initiatives, goods online sales exceeded one trillion mark more point the day and await for it.

it is reported that from August 2012 to December, Guangdong in the "North Canton Foundation launched the" upstream "guanghuo network" project, promote the well-known enterprises leveraging E-commerce Internet shock to open up the domestic market. At that time, Alibaba group and Guangdong began to explore the expansion of domestic demand through e-commerce, after Guangdong products in Taobao’s annual sales of only 5 billion ~60 billion. But only after more than two years, numerous goods in Ali sales platform has been achieved from level one billion to increase the level of billions.

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