Wang Tong the role of brand personalization


just ten days, the consultation institute recruited nearly 200 partners, more than 1000 students, 5 at nine o’clock this evening, Canada time morning, Qin Gang time in the group to speak.

today, tomorrow, Qin Gang lectures, the next day and the day after me, the last day of the period of the guest lecturers from cattle brother to share their experience.


consultation college courses have the following characteristics:

1, simple

2, practical


dry cargoHalf an hour before the start of

, Qin Gang talked about a very important play: brand personality

For example,

Qin Gang and I invest in global health purchase this company, is mainly a self media account called their health: reading

this account is the acquisition of Qin Gang over, initially there are about two hundred thousand fans, then a month by advertising on the income of more than 10 thousand.

After the acquisition of

here, we have a change in the play, Li Hao trader, do a about 1000000 month sales, gross profit of $50%.

how to do it?


, like a number of media, the media is very difficult to transfer the temperature and trust, so we create a character: dietitian lulu.

Each original article

and health magazine, was signed at the end of the dietitian Lulu, stay on your own personal micro signal, then some users will add.

This is the first batch of

accumulation and nutritionists one-on-one Lolo core users, then we only sell a very good product, from Canada nurse tea. This product is very good, the percentage of repeat customers is very high, so the monthly sales are getting better and better!

media is cold, and people live, brand personality, you can quickly solve the problem of trust.

is also a typical case: Professor


this is an article about the Qin Gang project, the professor has car car industry is the first from the media, a single advertising a day to receive 1 million 200 thousand, the last round of financing valued 700 million yuan.


car from the beginning is a personification of the brand image, now a few editorial team to write articles, all is to send in the name of the car, and user interaction.

so, it is easy for readers to generate trust, so as to obtain very large commercial value.

this is only half an hour before the lecture today 1/3 of the content, value is very large, if you are playing from the media, according to the pattern you play, your value is easily magnified 10 times.

share this with you today, I hope you can

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