Yantai University forum to promote operational experience

I feel. As the campus forum administrator, first of all, there must be an administrator. As the leading forum. Forum to develop. The manager has to understand himself objectively. Should not speak where not to say. Without obvious bias. Public. Fair. Attach importance to people. Attention points moderator team construction and so on. In short, we must first understand the importance of their own. Because of you。 Often represents the direction of the forum.

attention to the team construction points of moderator, the key is this. On the internet. What people pursue is purposeful. For example. As a moderator, to the direction of development on the version of the edition version of title and have a deep understanding. What is this version of. How theory. How to guide people to talk about. How to organize everyone to talk about. How to enhance popularity. A moderator if rely on their own digging around all kinds of new things to enrich the layout. Is a failure. A person’s strength is limited. And organizers. Can organize countless people to complete the construction of a version. Of course, when the first empty page. The moderator will dig more of things to attract new and more popular. The selected person is general webmaster moderator. The main version of the main observation. Observe who has the ability to do this. The moderator has what kind of ability.


. Character. No character foundation. Don’t say anything. All talk.

second. Patience. The development of the forum is from failure to success. Need the patience to hold on.

third. Steady。 I believe that without explanation.

fourth. Various related abilities. Including gathering information. Attract popularity. And so on.

below to introduce some of my practical experience, for your reference.

A: good forum features.

wants to see people. What do you have. Say you have a college friend of the band, professional and strong, you can build features, features like jones. Popularity is not on the. Everybody’s home. In the absence of a certain scale of your forum. You don’t blindly to big publicity. Because. Others come up, I hope you can see a lot of useful things. If you do not have a certain scale, blindly to the big publicity, people come up, just look at it, then go. Another example of the old bones above the secondary market. They like to say love there.

two: to retain members.

look at the section of the classification there is nothing missing. Complete classification. Everything is very good. Fast connection. Almost all of the information is on campus. If the school is not posted outside spread hot. Each student can find their favorite version of the forum and friends.

fight for the fight. This matter. Who will be on this forum should also be clear.

comes with a few points:


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