Grassroots webmaster how to adhere to the six months of personal blog P traffic increased from 0 to

to now, adhere to operate its own media website has more than half a year, and my website (in grass root) has now firmly every day is about 800IP, is a search engine and fixed number of visitors, the highest when the day reached more than 2 thousand IP, the site location is my personal blog. Not what too many fancy features, is my own writing website is not very small, small may be a name: no taste in grass root.


A: there is no basis for self-learning website to see income from the internet.

and the website behind me, and not a professional website of technical personnel, has not learned HTML, no programming, but do not know what SEO, nor engage in Internet related industries, can be simply understood as a migrant worker; the initial contact site is in 4 years ago, which was 2011 at that time, just graduated, want to do some other things the use of spare time after work, so set up your first website, of course, is now gone, the purpose is very simple, so the money spent dozens of yuan to buy a domain name, dozens of yuan to buy a U.S. host, a total of it took more than 100 yuan, the Internet to find a video, soon to the website, the simple positioning, Taobao is off, some of the commission a good commodity, manually add up, save the picture, Tim Add links, typesetting, because then there is no collection now, there is no such a beautiful web site templates, goods are added one by one.

that time really market is really a good, do three months, even with the deal, and access to the highest, it was 100IP, indicating that the flow is very valuable, then we say that one in 100 have a personal purchase. Also did not think too much, also do not have much technical content, is to find better goods, add the recommended, updated daily articles, adhere to the first half of the year, see from the union background, there have been more than and 300 Commission, although not much, but really back to this, I also firmly believe that they can rely on the Internet to earn money, then the station also insisted for a year, for a period of time (Midway did move, can’t hold the broadband, because in rural areas). After no longer continue to renew, so lost, and now think of regret, because at that time is very relaxed, unlike now although the various aspects of technological progress, but the conditions are harsh, money is indeed not easy.

two: after a lapse of three years, to regain the site!

in recent years, did not continue to operate the site, but to contact Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, the world a lot of temptation in continuously, also invested some money boondoggle, also make it of course contact are distribution or shopping mall like, pull some people to join, is the so-called pull offline, they pay to join, and I’ll get some commission, of course, to get the most is still in the top people. Add >

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