At the end of July 2008 PR will be updated immediately improve your PR value

1) time to collect data before PR update:

for this time not very accurate, just a guess, this PR update time might be the end of July or early August


(2) affect the PR value of the factors (of course is just one part of:


A: the number of external links and links into the quality of the chain (the chain out of the site’s PR and the number of chain, etc.), which is well known.

B:Google contains the number of pages of a web site (personally considered to be the key factor)

exchange links some strategies:

1, to see whether the site has been linked by the major search engines and search engine to update frequency (in the search results can be seen in the last update time, if more than three days not update, it will not show); if the website chain is the major search engines but also frequently updated, then your website will also account for a lot of light. Because the search engine will also link to the site is updated accordingly, then you do not need to pay to go to the search engine to help you updated (such as "Baidu")

2, is big classified list included (such as: Dmoz, Yahoo); this website PR low only a temporary thing, a little time after a month will be longer, their PR will fly, then you exchange with others, others may not be agreed, all should be treated the things of the long-term vision to


3, whether it is included in the site of most of the page; if a web site quality is good, the structure is reasonable, so that such a site is very popular search engine. The page number included with the PR value is proportional to the. Of course, some sites included a dividend of more than 2 thousand pages, and some only included more than and 80. The latter must be bad. We look at how much is only proportional rather than the number of. If the former has hundreds of thousands of pages to be included in the more than 2 thousand page, which is not a very good site, while the latter is only a collection of the more than and 80. Obviously the latter is much better than the former. This site is also an ideal exchange object.

4, and many similar sites to exchange links or exchange links with many websites (not including self-help link); a potential factor which is the rise of PR, so you can check how much the number of links to the other in exchange. Especially the high quality of the link is not much.

5, the quality of the site; this is related to the site can long-term problems, if the site quality is poor, but PR is very high. Such a site is not the ideal exchange object. The poor quality of the site’s PR will eventually come down, which is the site of your PR instability adds a big factor.

6, website ranking (refers to the popular keywords); such a website not only >

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