A vertical portal website promotion plan

recently to a large mobile phone sales vertical portal wrote a promotion project planning program, although the content is relatively simple, but personally feel more practical. Share it, I hope you can give advice and suggestions.

a, project overview:

as a vertical industry portal, can be a variety of channels for publicity and promotion. Through a lot of publicity in the media, combined with the activities of the site, to improve the site traffic, increase the number of registered users, access to online sales profits.

two, project cycle:

December 1, 2008 -2009 in December 1st, with a year as the deadline, through the implementation of a year to continue to revise the project, for the promotion after the year to do more preparation in 2009.

three, project core:

soft Wen propaganda + activity marketing

four, project objectives:

1, to enhance the flow of the site, improve the site in Alexa and Chinarank ranking;

2, increase the number of registered members of the site;

3, enhance corporate brand, increase the amount of online transactions online.

five, implementation:

1, soft Wen propaganda: different stages to take different ways, each month from different angles to dig news points and promotional points.

publicity frequency: 2 soft articles can be chosen to promote monthly, preferably in the first week and the third week release.

publicity direction (1): combined with industry. Combined with hot events, the development and prospects of mobile phone sales vertical portals in the industry;

(2): binding product. The development trend of mobile phone products, the dynamic analysis of the purchase of the crowd, the company needs to provide some data analysis;

(3): binding site. Analysis of the domain name on the site, the name of the site, the site of the research articles published cause industry attention.

(4): binding activity. Combined with some current activities to campaign, including the activities of the site, and other business activities.

(5): use the opponent. Analyze the development of vertical portals from some policies and actions of websites such as Taobao.

(6): using experts. Use expert analysis to elicit the views of the web site and publish the views of the site leaders as an expert.


(1): the priority of propaganda network media (low cost, rapid propagation technology, including Sina), Sohu, NetEase, IT pconline, IT168, cbinews technology, Admin5, Chinaz, DoNews, it.com.cn, bear online, ifeng.com, tianjiwang, Chinese economic news, pcpop.com > etc.

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