Private hospital network promotion home weight is very important

I am a private hospital network promotion specialist, network training, with friends and A5 master’s advice (A5, often every day, come o), for network promotion, have their own experience.

months, in the network of realize it is feeling a lot of ups and downs, now! (the website maintained by the modern hospital in Hefei) from the beginning of the collection is very little to now, the number should be said to have achieved some progress! A lot of friends told me about the problem: there is no shortcut to what? Here, can be very sure to tell everyone: there is no shortcut to the network, in order to make progress in the network, we must steadfastly go! Share promotion experience:

web page title, description, description is very important! Do a lot of SEO brothers in the promotion of experience are talking about it! The title without too much, a few prominent features: the name of the company (also suggested in the optimization of master don’t write this content, the main business () recommended words not too long) such as the key word "how do SEO" can be described as "SEO" can! Do optimization, first from short key word with, have the experience to consider the long tail keywords


another piece of the more important is the site of its own structure, technical level, a topic is: dynamic and static a commonplace talk of an old scholar website, search engines tend to be more static path! Engine spiders crawling the site for example, there is a room that is used to store items used for dynamic speaking, that room is empty! Call database, you also have to call a deeper data! Spider crawling first is to the empty room, and then follow the path found elsewhere stored in items! For static, can be found in the room to retrieve data! No longer call spider crawling deeper hierarchical data! Search engine principle is the least energy cost to find the content and data to find! Which is more convenient and faster


third is the site navigation column at the content is very important! Such as the most simple, if appear empty or repetitive content too much, who wants to see this point, right? Remember, update the content, do optimization optimization! Original important content is king!! is the key!


above is my experience, no skills, just to share it, hope everyone! Even if only one point that can be reference, but also very happy



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