Combat sharing a failed WeChat public account suction powder case

today to share a WeChat promotion of public accounts of failure cases, hope that we learn from this case experience and lessons; one of my friends in Shanghai, a large Real Estate Company doing Internet marketing work. The main job is to promote the company’s Web site and WeChat public account, their team has 6 people, in a traditional Real Estate Company to do Internet marketing has been a lot of 6 people. A few days ago, they used a medium-sized concert to promote the WeChat public account, three days concert, fans increased by 8000, but after the end of a week of concerts, these fans basically disappeared. Today, we analyze why the fans will fall in such a short period of time..

let’s talk about their use of the concert to promote the WeChat public account method:

concert in Taiwan, the famous power train, Aaron Yan, as well as a number of South Korean team leader, the concert in Shanghai Jinshan City Beach opened three days, attracted a large number of fans. In addition, the concert will be named after the tomato – Jinshan City Beach tomato concert.

they invited me to the concert and gave me a VIP seat on the back. Aaron Yan concert scene to reach a climax, when Aaron Yan came out, the scene of female fans completely crazy, loud shouting, waving his hands in the fluorescent rod. I really can not stand the atmosphere at that time, with friends say hello to go home.

my friend’s Real Estate Company bought a large number of tomatoes, each with a beautiful tomato vacuum plastic film packaging. Also in the tomato paste WeChat public account two-dimensional code. Want to participate in the concert as long as the audience as long as the attention of the public accounts of WeChat, after the success of the attention to send a packaged tomato. The three day concert they send about more than 10 thousand tomato, WeChat public account fans rose 8000, but after the concert a few days, the number of fans slowly fell over, sponsored the concert cost equals boondoggle.

I gave them an analysis of the reasons:

There was no significant difference in


1: star concert, US Aaron Yan, most of Aaron Yan’s fans are 90, 90 not purchase demand, when the concert started, they focus on the micro signal is to receive your free tomato and concert. After 90 want to see and all the information about Aaron Yan, you push the Real Estate Company and the property is related to the information, fans will naturally cancel attention. Crowd selection error – this is the main reason for their WeChat public account suck powder failure.

2: in fact, they can put the WeChat two-dimensional code printed on the concert tickets, so that it can achieve the purpose of causing fans attention, but also to save the cost of buying tomatoes. The delivery of more than 10 thousand tomato, wasting a lot of manpower.

3: the delivery of gifts in concert, easily lead to confusion. Powder.

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