Xi Li Ge brought me 10000P

here briefly, using the "Xi Li Ge" become fashionable for a time for me to bring 10000IP! At the end of February, the taste has not been eliminated, blaze a shocking "Xi Li Ge", just a few days of the word search volume rose to the top of Baidu. Whether or not the hype hype, but everyone is concerned about, for the network popularization personnel, it is a good opportunity, but many people missed the following simple talk about how I use the word! That is the word in March 3rd, only 5 hours of working time will be a station IP I got 10000, now Yu Wen did not retreat.

first step ‘Xi Li Ge’ column to develop

1, first set up a column, I was setting is’ Xi Li Ge ‘column, the main columns for Xi Li Ge introduced the latest news, Xi Li Ge, Xi Li Ge, Xi Li Ge photo ID.

2, write two articles on ‘Xi Li Ge’, published in the column on the site, and the existing network of ‘Xi Li Ge’ related news, photos and other information to collect and enrich the content of the site.

second site ‘Xi Li Ge’ column promotion

1, the use of Baidu post bar

establish an account issued two post, post the name was "Xi Li Ge the latest" girlfriend Xi Li Ge photo ‘posts set in 200 words or less, because the details click on my name, because many people, so sink quickly, to myself, a minute to sink to the second page, top, top number at about 5 times the number of visitors more than 2500 people, see the website traffic has been more than 2 thousand and 100. Time 40 minutes.

2, the use of QQ group

use QQ mass, 20 of the 500 people, posted a post called "Xi Li Ge girlfriend photos" link, sending time to spend an hour. An hour later, the number of IP was more than 5 thousand and 800 IP, and the speed of the web page was slow!

3, soso Encyclopedia

Baidu encyclopedia audit is very strict, but to learn to push for the second, I landed on the soso encyclopedia took only 10 minutes to get it, with my link on the O, because soso is also part of the user’s

!The same day

IP exceeded 10000, many people worry in the absence of good promotion methods, but a lot of people in the leisurely and carefree difference is whether, to seize the opportunity, OK, network to share these simple people, there will be more and more exciting things to share with everyone, I QQ: 290569757 (network of


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