Analysis on the core strategy of promotion and marketing

a lot of people in the Q group, the IP I guess, there are many are asking me QQ cloud marketing sales, I feel I don’t know how to answer, in the face of very familiar friends lie it inappropriate, tell the truth it feels a bit against their own stealth, okay, for you today a little show off, I introduce my promotion and marketing strategy, first show a picture of me that false weight map (again, I am not so boring to brush index).


my promotion strategy

SEO SEO drainage drainage: I will not say more, we can see that my website run for a year, the current to flow through the SEO in about 300, very reliable data, for which people are unable to accept a year to change the future of IP300, of course, I can not accept. Want to learn SEO drainage can continue to pay attention to my blog.


promotion in the promotion of drainage drainage: the main get traffic or contribute to be reproduced, I hate what I reproduced the people in the past, now think about it, every day is not a bad thing to be reproduced, at least to be reproduced after my flow also followed up, including me now, often to A5, webmaster home and other portal sites submitted for drainage, why my friends in the article did not contribute to Lu Songsong’s blog, I can only say that this blog will not write too much garbage, equivocate, will tell you the answer with the most simple method.

QQ: WeChat QQ and WeChat is the largest networking platform, known as the WeChat promotion tool, do not know why, too many friends did not use this, as for me, I always share my garbage article in QQ and WeChat.


other promotion: of course I do other promotion is not very much, take a little micro-blog, other blogs, although not much to do, but not do not do, maybe one day you an article in the Sina blog headlines will also bring a lot of IP, perhaps you that sentence make the headlines can also give you a red one for the other, I can only say not to, don’t give up.

summary: we may feel strange, a few small things simple, actually can lead to unbelievable traffic, I think, looks very simple, to achieve the ultimate but not much of A.

my marketing strategy

recently there are a lot of people feel strange, why I started selling software, I think rely on advertising to make money really is not a business, in order to make a living, I have to go on the commercial route, to make a hard decision to sell QQ cloud software, today for everyone by some dry cargo, how do I put my software blow the figure below is my software sales for a long time.

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