User value and business value of 100 thousand user law

each company’s rhythm and stage goals are not the same, the lucky thing is that watercress has been able to do things with their own rhythm, can always put the value of the user in the first place.

some people say watercress is a slow company, in fact, we did not deliberately slow. Why does it feel like this?

watercress model does not refer to the sample, a lot of things we need to feel the stones across the river. Innovative products, in fact, need to pay a lot of cost, including the cost of the time to experience the new model, it takes more than one or two years to stabilize the model, and then into a healthy growth stage. This time you toss, observed in the trial and error, can be outside of what seems to have happened, seems to be very slow.

in this process, we are also looking at a lot of new models, can grow depends on the size of the user itself, but also depends on the ability and experience of the team.


user value is greater than the user experience


user experience undoubtedly is of course important – the majority of people in the eyes of the user experience, more functional design level, can bean more than this, the user experience very attention, even defined as one of the most important things. But then we from another perspective, the user experience can really has been very good, a very cool today, tomorrow he is good, after half a year later, probably did not change, but suddenly one day he will not come.

so many products, users say good, but will be tired, or there will be newer and more cool products to meet him. Watercress did not happen on a large scale similar situation, but this problem and we do the original intention of the first. We are aware of the fact that the user experience has a deeper level and defines it as a user value.

The so-called

user value, is your long term in the end what brought people value, it is not useful to you. This will determine the user in two or three years after the use of your product. Therefore, when we first define watercress, it should first be useful, followed by the user experience.

watercress, the development process and user needs are consistent. Each new function has the best user experience to optimize it, and it and the user value bond well.

look back at several nodes watercress, some algorithms, some social services, community, we have been able to continue to expand the scope and depth, the company has been moving forward. We will not be affected by the impact of the new product pattern each year, as in the long run, we guarantee that value has been expanding rather than shrinking.

100 thousand user law

I have been very wishful thinking, love will be all of the user’s praise and blame all think of our love. This process is not easy, and it really needs to be very powerful

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