Mars rescue a bowl of Chicken Soup for entrepreneurs

[Abstract] if you are an entrepreneur and a little narcissistic, you may be able to see your own shadow in the course of the film.

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· Horowitz in the "start" in the following sentence review their pioneering time: "as CEO more than 8 years, only 3 days is good, the rest 8 years almost all is difficult." With Chinese Internet industry jargon, this is called a close call — I guess if the word "Mars rescue" in the actor Mark · watney heard must think xinyouqiqi yan.

a few days ago, went to a "rescue" Mars viewing exchange, the teacher’s comments on the science fiction scholar Wu Yan deep impression, he believes that this work than the "body" is more suitable for China’s Internet sector collective watch. I personally think, although there is no "body" and so many dark metaphor between various enterprises infighting fit, but the "Mars" rescue two hours interpretation of what is the ultimate version of "the rational optimist", it is more suitable for the consumption of entrepreneurship in the public entrepreneurship atmosphere as a happy taste "opium".

Mark · everything watney has almost successful entrepreneurs ". With courage and luck for the protagonist aura innate, as a pioneer in a new field, he has no experience in the exam, the extreme scarcity of resources, daily shrouded the huge uncertainty situation, with an almost perfect professional basis, through the integration of resources is almost broken, but the specific problem of life or death the solution of a fine, survived – it is a pioneering inspirational drama on Mars


well, this movie together with this article, for the majority of entrepreneurs is definitely a good bowl of delicious chicken soup.


taste before spoilers about. A mission to Mars, because of the storm (scientists say it is bug, Mars is 1/200 earth pressure, if there is only 150 kilometers per hour sandstorm, equivalent to the earth’s breeze), the team evacuated Mars, due to an unexpected fall in the lone star watney, everyone thought he was dead but he no, he woke up and realized the material completely enough to hold that day theoretically rescued, so the watney brain hole wide open, becoming the first ever Mars farmer, he in the wild places for potatoes, and found a way to contact with the earth, with a final series of absurd but effective techniques were successfully rescued.

if you are an entrepreneur, and just a little narcissistic, the process may be able to see the shadow of their own shadow. May wish to compare several aspects.

before the ancients

The first similarity between

Votn and entrepreneur is the originality of the task. This is also the logical starting point of the other difficulties to be mentioned.

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