Network marketing the art of war the actual article

"network marketing" the art of war "is the actual article sixth, before we can in the content of Yang Tao’s blog or on the Internet to find, and on our behalf and other network marketing of the strong and weak, in particular do network marketing, should pay attention to how to attack and defense, but also our advantage do network marketing, attacking each other to avoid the solid and strike the weak.

first, seize the opportunity to network marketing

about every year have a new network marketing platform, such as last year’s SNS this year, micro-blog, for the network marketing, should be the first to occupy the relevant platform, such as enterprise name related, and related keywords, because for micro-blog is only a nickname, I registered. The other is not registered, I saw some people up to registered competitors nickname in micro-blog, and one, early hands-on can grab in front of each other to promote the network information coverage, opponents of the passive network marketing to my back, mobilize each other without being the other movements, gun battle network marketing don’t wait for the other fighters, what are we to do network marketing, to compete for the relative difficulty will be greater.

two, network marketing good offensive and defensive

for the network marketing, you win others vulnerable to attack, in others the contrary to expectation for the network marketing, in the relatively large promotion event marketing and event marketing, especially for the unexpected event marketing people, each other can’t prevent us, for Internet marketing, every year there will be a new marketing platform, of course the old method will be constantly upgraded and improved, the network marketing each other when we did not expect to do our network promotion. In our network marketing punctuality, each other in the attack time, here our products or services should be no problem in the network to promote the reputation that we should make up, stable network marketing, comprehensive coverage of information on the Internet, let the other person can not find offensive side.

three, network marketing focused

for the network marketing, there are many methods to promote the platform and on the Internet, may not all have to do, to choose suitable for us, the effect was to focus on the advantages of power to do a lot for network promotion often make people know, Forum promotion coverage in network marketing and the crowd is the most extensive and most, if for the novice blog, flow day is not more than ten, but for the forum, a post day traffic do good, can be ten thousand, if what to do, what they are doing well.

four network marketing, avoid the solid and strike the weak

for the network marketing, should always pay attention to each other to do those platforms and use those means, while the other can see, our network marketing, such as advertising, SEO, forum, blog and so they can be seen, there is a part of each other is not known, such as looking for Hot Blog topic blog. To understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, we in the site

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