Fight bean supper a monthly income of 60 thousand single behind anxiety

fight bean supper earning 60 thousand single behind anxiety: similar products increased; the product quality is not high; the order did not fully meet the brand has not yet been achieved. The early success of the fight is entirely at this time there is no competitive pressure, the future, it will become a brand from the product, from the region to the country.


did a song at dead of night, the shopkeeper "very hungry" dream. They just picked up the mobile phone casually open a takeaway platform, so I know the fight bean supper.

Li is the founder of fight bean supper, I only know that he called Li Zhe after the interview. Lao Li is a hundred-percent serial entrepreneur, from the earliest fight bean carpool to the district to ask, he hasn’t left the local life this thing. And that is when the district asked to do, he decided to enter the food and beverage industry, who would like to enter the door as deep as the sea, but ultimately by virtue of the unique positioning of the scene, he was recognized by the consumer market and the capital market.

special consumer scene creation

October 2015, fight bean supper received 25 million yuan A round of financing, this period has become a hot fight bean shop big takeaway platform. Lao Li is male technology standard, overtime, overtime, overtime, in that "pigs can fly to the wind outlet" Lao Li often took the team till late at night, but the hungry belly open takeaway platform only to see Uncle Mike and Ken grandpa the good gay friend figure. So, do ask Li District and the team opened a snack shop in the company downstairs, eat supper, do during the day at night, the level of efficiency increase at the same time also secretly created a new consumer scene: supper.

Li later said, this time the user has the following characteristics. The first is still more girls than boys, then most people take the fight bean supper as a day will eat a meal, especially for long-term night people, once again, the group consuming capacity is not low. Thus, Li bold to customer price positioning in 80 yuan to send. This makes the fight bean supper from the beginning of the cash flow is very good.

model and the competitive fight bean supper.

fight bean early success lies entirely in time this time without the pressure of competition, so he first thought is the expansion of production capacity, expanding the user and build barriers. So, there is a central kitchen supply logic + distribution point + takeaway chain from early self fight bean supper. At present, most of the products are not their own fight bean production but by the third party supply quasi finished products or vegetable, by self-sustaining central kitchen after processing and distribution to distribution points in the city.

here it is worth mentioning that the fight bean supper self-developed "nightwatcher" system, this system is regarded as the pillar of the whole fight bean supper mode. With Lee’s words, he links in the supply chain, kitchen, distribution, distribution, inventory statistics, order flow, optimization of distribution line function. The shopkeeper in the song "

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