Webmaster question why my website is not go out

is now doing the threshold of the webmaster is quite low, there is a domain name (level two or level of domain names will be) plus a free space, it can be said that the webmaster, the line called grassroots webmaster.

do a webmaster is not fun, because this is not an official, no one initiative gifts, of course, through a certain way will send someone. The important thing is to get out of your own way.

is easy to say, what does it mean to go out? It means that your website has a brand, a flow, a competitive edge. This is not to say that the gift, and even have to send money. Well, let’s go on with the question of how to get out.

first, good planning, do not do if technology can plan, but want to own as an occupation or career that is sure to do the planning, the site name must be innovative, they named the station network, you also named station network, this is stupid, can receive the name, such as outdated who. Named best to have meaning, not just looking at Baidu without a name to start, you can first look in the encyclopedia you want to get the meaning of the name, no dictionary encyclopedia data, many famous stations are unique, like Tianya etc.. The name of the word can be in the 2~4 bit, including the word can not be more than five, like the following name is not a good development, I want to buy every day, a certain novel network. One is five Chinese characters, one is the six Chinese characters, although the latter is to explain the type of site, but still not desirable.

took a good name to do website keywords, I strongly recommend to do the long tail link, and link with their site name, followed with their own words, for example, is to use the word in front of the net stationmaster net / webmaster will be on the web site name at the end. Of course, this is in fact a subtitle basically replaces the keyword function.


keyword density, I will not say more, the many masters have said, I do not do, site selection program planning, do the station with ASP on it, please use the PHP station, the former recommended that the old y system, the latter recommendation system. This can finally be targeted to the direction of the development of the site. Electronic commerce is the best choice. Sales of electronic commerce, profit standard these calculation, do not sell products at a loss, early Pingli sales, profitability is also slowly.

The promotion of a lot of

website, soft Wen, advertising, links, and so on, this has a special master said. I add that the promotion of the QQ group to promote the use of the article inside the page, do not take the site to promote the main domain name, the consequences of what is going to be malicious reports by others.

to do a detailed planning book, you can take a look at the loopholes and problems, look at the Internet similar projects competitors do. Learn from each other, and integrate themselves into the station, so better. The issues to be considered when developing

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