WeChat marketing circle of friends 90 days practice notes

before the "WeChat marketing circle of friends 30 days practice notes" this article, in the circle of friends is forwarded 900 times, read the number of nearly 11000 people, sent on behalf of the network, entrepreneur, entrepreneurial network and so many well-known sites are in the home, published the article


three months, hold five pieces of practical notes, wrote in September December, fire, each big website, push forward; three months, there have been lonely and helpless, even more and more partners to join, Shun; three months, from the bulk to the box, from retail to several dozens of pieces the one hundred thousand group purchasing, sales level has also been improved! So, at times, after the moon, fruitful tasted wind rain should bear… The teacher’s nagging: slowly, faster


a few days ago, I give the butterfly (hd12036) and Chunlan said, I already wrote three months practical notes, from the beginning to now, always in positive energy transfer positive, in fact the bitterness behind only we know! Wait until 90 days of practice, to talk about our difficulties well, this is more three-dimensional, true to life, but also can let you have a reference, fewer detours! Later, I think, can refer to the following points:

a closed loop (WeChat’s circle of friends marketing sustainable development)

from June this year to now, careful friends can be found, like a raging fire WeChat marketing circle of friends to engage in training, but the practical operation has been slowly cooling. Inside the circle of friends of their own, which has a lot to do, luxury, cosmetics, women’s specialty friends, has gradually fade out now! A friend said to me, this limitation, and the Tencent is hard, but I think it is not the most important, the most important is that most people can not find the pattern and the method of friends marketing circle of sustainable development! Maintain a period of time, the circle of friends of their products have a freshness, can’t get out, only to give up

!In fact,

, the WeChat marketing circle of friends how to continue the problem, I also consider before and after three months! A few days ago the inspiration came, I easily drew a picture called "the WeChat marketing model for the sustainable development of the circle of friends, posted today, for your reference!


figure, there are two axes (dashed line), a marketing line (tools – products), a channel line (circle – circle), these two lines, can be extended indefinitely. There are several circles on it, representing different sales factors. I sold my wolfberry experience, to explain in detail.

We look at the

triangle above three circles, the beginning of the end of May, I participated in the bear "WeChat marketing circle of friends training into the universal group met a lot of big bear, a group of friends, and the beginning of June, the price of 100 yuan / share, sales training courseware and recording (to now sold a total of more than and 220 copies), with bear training.

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