To the webmaster network Admin5 recommendations

spent a long time in the webmaster network began to feel pretty good. From the valley of the webmaster network. Also learned the hype is necessary.

but I think now webmaster network, there is no need to do this again. For example, the following article.

article: cheating are so handsome: Super cheating method display (Figure) 4

do not know what the editors think. The author’s intentions you should be clear, is to buy the software. In order to buy software to write the article is understandable. But it is not necessary to

2 the following is the author’s reply


5 floor support (0) against (2) crackxia  @  2007-08-04 08:42:21 222.84.149.*, said:

1, I’m not afraid of you posted the report, besides, this year is the flow of the world, traffic on the line, you want to get a few months of formal standing a little traffic, posted just let you analyze


8 floor support (0) against (0) crackxia  @  2007-08-04 09:02:15 222.84.149.*, said:

6 floor support (0) (0) against the webmaster friends @    2007-08-04 08:55:26 58.33.104.* said:


can see the author for so many people. Chinese can write software. Dove ash has been in existence. The ice why not do so? Is his function? The author just ice rudimentary conscience told him to do so, it is wrong (it is not illegal to pull the word).

the meaning of the author and those who show their access to the broiler everywhere people don’t have what difference. It is to buy the software of others, then put the virus, this is the meaning of the author, from his reply can be seen (the site of pv:ip is very low. The advertising is not not many points) this is actually indirect investment figure. The meaning of the author is to advocate people to steal drugs. Many activities like this and the previous network owners back!!!

webmaster network in China is a very influential station >

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