You do not like feel very low article why can do 10w

you open WeChat read a chicken soup, reading to read to always had a few routines: to live out their own, women must be very important for their own good, and what kind of people really…… Early to read quite reasonable, read several articles that say is of no importance of the truth.

but the amount of reading, so it is a firmly maintained 10w+.


even more angry is that your aunt and uncle, uncle aunt’s circle of friends, the "beast tablets (see 8 times)" or "eat this thing will be sudden death", "99% of the people still use, but this thing is poisonous!" all these, a look is not reliable. The article also read 10w+, sit tight.

do you have "the world how" hold the head with

?In fact,

, is the location of the ah.

what are the characteristics of chicken soup friends?

Also a lot of

sensitive and promotion of positive energy, love love love love love to show, usually share indignation in career and work are not particularly successful, idle time scattered (here is not there will be a lot of egg soup? Not all love friends, but how many such friends are over here), their the spread of natural force is amazing.

Even if

love friends no lasting chicken soup "spread", one day to be a chicken soup, please rest assured that there is always someone rough and helpless, there will always be those who have need of chicken soup, this is a Everfount of living water.

What are the characteristics of

‘s parents who love health, love, and spread rumors?

you don’t love see piles of "rumors" in their circle of friends, you don’t love every time listening to their home again and again stressed: eel is used contraceptives outside don’t eat, said to bring top flower cucumber not also put the pill, although they clearly know you is a single dog, simply not pregnant…… Well, remove the attribute of these rumors, you should be able to understand is the parents of your love, whether right or wrong, they are always on their way to remind you, you care in.

do you remember the facial expressions they like? Like this:


is it true that the last century has a wood, but that’s their language! You can’t say "good night" with your parents.

so, the chicken friends, you have to, you have to estrus or tender or harsh but have a profound truth; and for parents a generation of people, you don’t have to play word games, and straightforward meaning, direct power full good.

why do you think low content, you do not like the content often 10w+ because it still has its huge market ah. Said Xue Manzi

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