Social media marketing selling products is the worst is the best selling culture

[Tino/ Ti media compile] in recent years, social media marketing is considered to be one of the user conversion method, and thus attracted the attention of many marketers.

but that’s not the case.

in the field of social media, the most dominant is Facebook, in the world they have 1 billion 250 million users, but marketing brands are at the top, can really put the fans into paying customers? Nate Elliot Forrester Research’s vice president and chief analyst, he said, any a marketing staff, if you believe that the brand can convert fans to become paying customers in Facebook, is completely mistaken.

‘is just a place to buy ads’

when companies talk about social media marketing, the conversion rate is estimated to be the most mentioned word. For example, in March last year, the marketing communication agents Martin-Wilbourn Partners sent an article on its official blog, the title is "through social transformation, the brand to find himself the human", which said:

"modern marketers will use social media to enhance customer engagement… Many companies want to make their own personality, the voice of their own brands… This expression depends on the overall marketing strategy… Social media can help brand development, now try to upgrade the conversion rate…"

in fact, there is already evidence that some of the higher involvement of customers, although they will often comment on the content of the brand, but it can not be converted into paid users. Elliot said that according to the results of Forrester’s research shows that in the world’s top fifty brands, an average of only 1% of visitors will point praise, share, or less than 1/10 of the content of the brand review.

this participation is too low, not to mention the so-called conversion rate. Elliot said, "if you have 3 million fans, you may get thousands of praise, and hundreds of comments. Unless you are a believer in social media marketing, otherwise 3 million fans have hundreds of comments, who can talk about the conversion rate of

? "

reason why such a low degree of participation, an important reason is that the Facebook related algorithms, in fact, the brand released the news will not be fully displayed to their fans. In October 2013, Forrester issued a report entitled "why marketers will fail" in the Facebook report, which shows each brands posted on Facebook, fans can see the proportion of only 16%.

participation is close to 0

is even worse.


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