The event marketing selling mosquito new in order to be different


Admin5’s "100 awgu contest" and network events controversial "Lan Dong" event marketing in succession, mosquitoes could be selling? Mosquito corpses, 6 yuan a, really pure hand killed". Taobao online selling mosquito Posts hanging, selling body posts by logout, then in online fame. Within 48 hours of this product has been a browse of the amount of 200 thousand, has tens of thousands of people took him personally killed the mosquito". After all the major forums, netizens consistent evaluation, this is a classic business plan, and even can be credited to MBA tutorial.

can load MBA tutorial tutorial I dare not comment, but it is undoubtedly a successful event marketing". Ning Ning has been posted in Guangdong and Shanghai, the two companies paid him to do business planning, which is a foreign company in australia. "It’s all about what I’m selling mosquitoes." For the foreign companies in Australia, the strength and scale are far greater than the imagination. "The other out of the salary is the annual salary of 120 thousand, live in designated four-star hotel, car, public relations fees 5000 yuan per month." Such conditions can not meet the taste of Ning Nan, almost at the same time, a communications company in Shanghai also found him. Also do market planning and promotion, the annual salary is 200 thousand!"

according to his explanation, he initiated the post selling mosquito is just a plan, the intention is to increase the click rate after open a shop, selling some expensive Burma jade and other jewelry, now the result is beyond his imagination. Described as fame and fortune. And his mosquito specimens really sold out, although not much but actually someone to buy. In the afternoon of the post, this post bid record column actually shows 38 transaction records. A small number of buyers is 1, more than 100, in this regard, "fan manager explained that he succeeded in the afternoon to sell only 12, use each other to buy mosquito he also is not clear, estimation is to confirm that the post is true. The rest are friends evil shoot, that is, do not pay after taking the goods. And 48 hours later, this product has a more than 200 thousand of the volume, there are tens of thousands of people took his personally killed the mosquito".

posted by showing in writing posts and users to answer questions when the humor of clever, won many friends "worship". "I sold mosquito specimens, all manual, without the aid of any tool killed, it can not guarantee integrity. But rest assured, I will never use a mosquito into several parts of this is you fooled a few mosquitoes!" Many users are seriously asking mosquito species, mail and other issues, more netizens praised the shopkeeper or creative, talented enough, or blame the treasurer is in the hype. More businesses see this post "hot", and simply dispensers about advertisement price. Ning Nan "mosquito", although some spoof, but will undoubtedly give us the webmaster in network "event marketing" last lesson, although all roads lead to Rome, sometimes in order to go some way planned new in order to be different, as long as not too much, but also.

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