The mobile station mobile phone call off the server to play hide and seek porn

for mobile phone pornographic websites. China Mobile said the disaster caused by flooding water, is not enough to rely solely on the China Mobile screen IP address, which called for other related institutions together in the IDC room to completely disconnect the connection to the server, think this is a mobile phone pornographic website governance is the fundamental measures.

mobile porn site will change the address to avoid blocking

China Mobile stakeholders said that the first measure is to combat mobile phone pornographic websites blocked.

so-called blocking, that is, telecom operators from the user access side of the phone pornographic sites IP shielding. However, these porn sites are almost always get in by every opening of telecom operators, and the closure of playing "hide and seek", by using some methods to avoid blocking the address transform, which increase the difficulty of plugging. For example, sometimes just blocked a porn site, not for a long time, the same site and change the address again.

China Mobile said, mobile phone pornography on the WAP website of pornographic pictures, videos and other content, stored in the domestic and foreign telecom operators, network access service providers and enterprise data center (IDC) hosting server. Therefore, the current means to shield the IP address can only be an emergency measure.

to cut off porn site server connection

mobile porn site is currently widely distributed, as of November 29th, China Mobile has blocked 626 mobile porn sites.

has been blocked from 626 mobile porn sites, the distribution is very wide. The web server in the mainland has 478, accounting for 76% of the total, the United States 421, Singapore 22, Japan 6, Holland 11, Russia 4, UK 2, Canada 8, China Taiwan 1, Germany 1, Switzerland 1, Turkey 1; in the server in 148, there are 6 web server hosting in Shanghai China Mobile’s data center, has been completely disconnect the server and report to the public security department, the other 142 servers in other domestic has a data center network access services within the enterprise.

China Mobile said that the fundamental measure of blocking the phone porn WAP site is completely disconnected from the server in the IDC room to connect the server, completely cut off from the physical.

therefore, China Mobile called for the establishment of social parties linkage mechanism, completely disconnect the phone porn site server links, from the source to block the phone pornographic content.

experts also said that the fight against mobile porn site is not a matter of one or two companies or industry, we must establish a linkage mechanism, grasping common management, comprehensive management to achieve.

called for joint action

China Mobile puts forward several measures to cut off the connection of porn site server.

its recommendations for WAP site server hosting in the domestic telecommunications operations >

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