Daily conversation tell each other of unfair competition Kingsoft Youku the better

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network December 30th news recently, Beijing City People’s Court of Haidian District today to make Kingsoft cheetah browser Youku v. unfair competition case verdict, the court ruled in favor of Youku, Kingsoft cheetah browser was sentenced to pay 300 thousand yuan, and asked to apologize.

The court ruled that

, Kingsoft cheetah browser illegal interception Youku video advertisement, Youku violated the legitimate rights and interests, has formed unfair competition, Jinshan should bear the economic losses and reasonable expenses Youku and all costs amounted to 300 thousand yuan, and a public apology on Youku in Jinshan cheetah browser home page, to eliminate the influence of. Youku in this case alleged that since 2012, Kingsoft cheetah browser through technical means to intercept malicious video website legal advertisement, infringed upon the legitimate rights and interests of video website and its advertisers, caused huge losses in the economy, and the cheetah browser is by virtue of "selling points" quickly benefit, attracting mass users download and use on Youku caused a very bad influence and huge economic losses.

then Kingsoft cheetah browser youku.com v. unfair competition, Beijing City, Haidian District people’s court ruling that the behavior of youku.com discriminate against cheetah browser, subjective intent is obvious, contrary to the accepted business ethics, constitute unfair competition. Youku should bear the economic losses cheetah browser, reasonable costs and the full cost of the proceedings amounted to 200 thousand yuan, and in the Youku home page of the cheetah browser to apologize publicly, eliminating the impact. Make the first instance verdict, Kingsoft cheetah browser win.

in March 2013 and April, are installed in more than third party advertisements browser plugins, youku.com only cheetah browser restrictions for video playback, while the other browser is blocked in youku.com advertising video titles, unlimited video playback. In addition, Youku has been confirmed in the case of the cheetah browser itself to stop filtering Youku video ads, the cheetah browser is still discriminatory treatment.

advertising filtering is a big dilemma for China’s video website and the entire Internet industry. On the one hand, the video website industry competition, content and bandwidth costs continue to rise, serious losses of each site and no new revenue model, can only hope to lead to advertising, advertising increasingly long time, from two years ago to the current 15 seconds long industry generally 45 seconds. In the acceptance of advertising content is not set standards, resulting in lower quality of advertising. Advertising filtering has become a major practical needs of users, it has also become a major domestic browser standard configuration. Whether it is 360, travel such a veteran browser, or cheetah such a new browser, the advertising filter as a human selling function. In order to attract and compete for users, these Browse Companies simply do not care about the interests of the video site counterparts, and constantly improve the advertising shielding.

users continue to use browser plug-ins to block ads, but also do not want to pay

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