Thunder 400 million user Empire video advertising is no longer the focus of income shifting


since June 2011 to submit a listing application to the SEC thunder, and finally in the clear withdrawal of the application in October, nearly a year has passed, the domestic network video industry in a year of great change. Youku Tudou video on Iqiyi, the Sohu; the bright younger generation of capital flow strong shareholder and parent company to host; LETV and Sina video, CO run media alliance investment Sohu Tencent Iqiyi joint procurement…… These video industry events, are not worthy of the old meet as equals and Youku potatoes figure with the sound of thunder.

and it was a year ago to IPO, it is the concept of selling to the capital market is a video company from china.

can no longer put video war

IPO defeat, the thunder is the first priority is to protect the already damaged vitality. The primary strength is cash".

at the beginning of this year, thunder founder and CEO Zou Shenglong also said in front of the media, thunder in 2012 to invest in the purchase of copyright will be increased by 50% to 100% on the basis of the year of 2011, that is, from 10 to 1 billion 500 million yuan. But this view in the industry view, too much is impossible, is only a gesture on behalf of. First of all, even in the industry to buy the copyright of the most intense in 2011, the thunder also didn’t burn so much money, in addition, reduce the number of competitors in the industry, but also makes up the copyright price lost soil.

the most important, where the thunder get so much money?

look at the following table:


figure, 2010, thunder annual income of $42 million 780 thousand, in 2010 Q1 was $7 million 750 thousand in Q1 in 2011 was $1536.

conservative estimates, 2011 full year income = $Q1*4=6144. If the 2010 Q1 revenue accounted for the proportion of the year (18%) to calculate, in 2011 the annual revenue of Q1/18%=8473 million thunder. This is the income maogu.

cash: according to thunder disclosed last year, as of March 31, 2011, its cash and cash equivalents totaled 133 million yuan ($20 million 559 thousand).

thunder last July at first would have financing has shrunk by half, to get over $100 million in cash, the thunder rely on the 100 million dollars to support the expansion in 2012. Now the money did not get, relying on less than $100 million in revenue and $100 million in cash, is completely unable to support the alleged 10-15 billion yuan video input.

video advertising is no longer the focus of revenue

there are more signs that the source of thunder revenue has been seen as a transition from it

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