Ma Yun quotes the biggest failure is to give up

* in business on the road, there is no retreat, the biggest failure is to give up.  

* at the beginning of my business, some people say that if the Alibaba can succeed, it is undoubtedly a 10000 ton ship from Himalaya at the foot of the mountain up to the top of Everest, I want them to see how I put aboard the ship 10000 tons from Everest up to the foot of the mountain.  

* today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but most people died in tomorrow night, can not see the sun the day after tomorrow

* since 1999   set up research and development center in Hangzhou, is headquartered in Hongkong, founded the website of Alibaba (   Sun Zhengyi has the same opinion with me, a scheme to implement class Idea plus three stream; another plan, the first-class implementation flow of the three Idea which good? We both choose the first class implementation, three stream Idea.  

* how each individual can really play a role, we like to pull the car, if some people here, some people go there to pull each other, I will give you a mess. When you are a fool, silly, you will be very painful; you have 50 a fool is the most happy, eating, sleeping, lined up to go to the toilet; you have a smart people like, you have 50 smart people is actually the most pain, who are who refuses to accept the. My role in the company is like cement, which ties together a lot of good people, so that they can move to one place.  

* to determine the two network company in the future: first it team; second, it has third technology; it’s concept, have these things, it is necessary to exist.

* Judge    a person, a company is not good, do not think he is not Harvard, is not Stanford. do not judge how many famous university graduates, and to help people work judge this is not like crazy, he is not smiling home from work every day.  

* 30% people will never believe you. Don’t let your colleagues for your work, and let our colleagues work for our common goal, to unite under a common goal than unity under a your entrepreneur easier. So, first of all, to persuade people to agree with the common ideal, rather than let everyone work for you.  

* I think employees first, customers second. Without them, there would be no such website. Only they happy, our customers will be happy. And the words of the customers, encouraging words, will make them like crazy;

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