Baidu began to update

every day on the Admin5, has not made things, and finally can not suppress the excitement and excitement, want to come up and say a few words.

(a) old website began a substantial update.

several of my old site, when the query last night or the old, has not been included in the nearly half a month. At the same time found all of a sudden increase of more than 1 thousand times this morning up query (Note: I am more diligent, with each

web site about 20 updates per day. Affected by Baidu, this time has been very depressed, although many people have said that this is only a temporary update slow, but look at their hard work every day, but also did not increase the update included in the heart

. In particular, the recently added articles are basically original or close to the original thing, but still not included. Finally, the fact that Baidu is not abandoned us these small webmaster.

(two) to do the new site is also included in the start today.

my prose poetry website: line has been nearly 15 days, and there has been no movement inside Baidu, or when the online inquiry yesterday. Today found suddenly included 78. As a result of the recent adjustment of Adsense Google policy, income has been very low, so planning to do a professional nature of the site, I am studying electronic engineering, of course, or the professional more handy. Electronic technology network: was born at this time. Although has not added an article, just put a forum in the above, but also included a page.

Baidu update, increase my confidence to do new sites, the old look at other people’s complaints, see more I have a little bit of trust that Baidu does not include the fact that the new cn. Baidu recently updated speed slowed down a lot, according to a web site, said his friend, one of the fastest speed of the new station is 13 days.

so Baidu did not go down, it began to slowly recover.

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