Official website officially launched to see the message to send T shirts activities

in order to meet the countdown to the Olympic Games 30 days, the webmaster network to carry out a month to see the message to send a T-shirt activities, as long as the daily information to find the picture can be obtained in a beautiful t-shirt.

activity time: July 9, 2008 -8 7

activity rules: please find the prize with the picture of the article, quickly reply in the comments ADMIN5 free send word plus your QQ number, and then contact the iron kite QQ 478341 phone 15005204477

              selection rules: send 3 pieces a day, in three different articles, with the first time to reply to the comments.

thank bibipu  T-shirt Sponsoring Firm in Beijing;  


note: after the end of the uniform distribution of T-shirts, express delivery. (explain: this announcement does not count the prizes)

the right to interpret the activities of the webmaster network all.

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