Baidu push the application of the open platform to invite many sites to participate in the test

Internet industry’s most influential annual event – Baidu World 2010, will be opened in September 2nd. In the world of Baidu in 2009, Baidu CEO Robin Li proposed Box Computing technical concept, causing the industry sought after. After a year, box computing will have those new initiatives, has become the focus of attention of the current industry.

according to reliable news: Baidu is building an application open platform, some well-known sites and developers have been invited to accept the test. Industry speculation, application of "open platform" may become the highlight of this year Baidu world conference.

it is understood that the watercress network is on the search that is related to the products and Baidu cooperation, ready to DouBan FM packaging into a network application and put on the search engine. By then, when the Internet users in Baidu search DouBan FM and other related words, will be a direct search to play the DouBan FM player. At present, the two sides have entered the internal testing phase, the product line in a few days you can believe. In fact, the current developers many websites are Baidu application cooperation similar, including coverage of the games, download, antivirus, online dating, shopping, Internet users convenient instant use".

application open platform, will bring a huge leap for the user search experience." An Internet industry veteran pointed out. Last year, Baidu proposed "box computing technology philosophy, and introduced the data open platform based on the concept of integration, a large number of high-quality resources and data, the influence to the search request has been more than more than and 600 kinds of keywords.

today, from September 2nd of this year’s Baidu World Conference opened with less than half the time, the tickets are very popular. It can be expected that Baidu released the application of open platform will become the most important event of the year 2010 China’s Internet, Baidu world conference this year will be extremely hot.

              Baidu box calculation replacement of the new logo will be a major move to introduce

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