True and false happy net litigation tracking thousands of oak mention jurisdiction objection was dis

February 26th morning news, genuine happy net continue to expand the contest in the lawsuit: after happy net additional Thousand Oaks Netscape as a defendant, Thousand Oaks Netscape case jurisdiction objection, but today morning by the Beijing second intermediate people’s court rejected. According to relevant sources, re trial no later than mid May.

previously true and happy net case has been the Beijing second intermediate people’s Court (hereinafter referred to as the second hospital). In January this year, happy net the court to apply for additional Beijing Thousand Oaks Netscape as the defendant, and accepted. The lawsuit last October when the first hearing, because once the debate triggered by the Thousand Oaks happy Thousand Oaks Internet to thousand oaks Netscape Network operators.

, according to informed sources, happy net will Thousand Oaks Netscape as a defendant, on the eve of the Spring Festival in Thousand Oaks Netscape company is located in Beijing city of Shijingshan District on the grounds, to the Beijing second intermediate people’s court sent the jurisdiction objection to the application requirements, the case will be transferred to the Beijing first intermediate people’s Court of jurisdiction.

, the person said, after the Spring Festival holiday, the Beijing second intermediate people’s court ruled that, this case has jurisdiction, today issued a notice, dismissed the objection of Thousand Oaks netscape.

legal person said, according to the law, the court ruled on the jurisdiction objection no longer than one month, and the objection to the jurisdiction of the extension of the trial time, is one of the defendants in such cases one commonly used method.

"in accordance with the law, in the same case, as long as the court has jurisdiction over a defendant, the other defendants have jurisdiction. After the Beijing second intermediate people’s court and the high court of Beijing, has made clear the jurisdiction of the case, so the Thousand Oaks Netscape jurisdiction objection was dismissed is granted." The legal person said.

but the law pointed out that as the second defendant, Thousand Oaks Netscape still to the Beijing High Court on the jurisdiction of the appeal, the latter can make a decision has yet to be seen in a long time. However, if no variables, the case in the second half of May before the trial should be no problem, then two thousand oaks company will appear at the same time."

currently does not make a public comment on the matter.

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