Electricity providers squeeze traditional retail online and offline channels difficult to coordinate

want to let all manufacturing traders know that today the situation has changed, for traditional industries, the war may have begun." In the eyes of Alibaba Group Chairman Ma Yun, Tmall Shopping Festival opened a new marketing model for traditional marketing war. The shrouded in the decline in performance and high inventory in double shadow traditional clothing manufacturers, "double eleven" brings the sales volume is unthinkable in the traditional marketing model, however, it seems to be a poison. The electricity supplier is the take cities and seize territory, clothing manufacturers this love hate.

19 billion 100 million

advance demand?

this store will be more worrying

in Taohuo army list, clothing shoes and hats became "will purchase", in addition to the rigid demand season, there is a very important reason: most of the clothing enterprises discount is real, in the high inventory crisis of garment enterprises to digest inventory as far as possible, to vigorously improve the promotional efforts it was also, smart consumers to capture.

early in the "double eleven" before the arrival of Mr. Liu went to the father to be filled with Alipay now, but he was in the "double eleven" day of his plan panic buying milk powder, diapers and only a few goods symbolically hit half off, and "these few goods were sold out in an instant, Mr. Liu but had to fight the clothing shoes and hats, because only clothing discount is half off, and the supply is adequate."

earnings report, textile and apparel companies in the first three quarters of net profit fell by 13%. The end consumer downturn, the corporate earnings continue to deteriorate, accounts receivable and inventories rose, Carnival like electronic commerce website promotion war seems to be a magic weapon of the most significant cleaning effect of inventory "".

, however, the apparel industry’s high inventory crisis is not the one or two promotion can be resolved, after all, only concentrated in a number of high-profile sales of well-known clothing brand flagship store. The "double eleven" discounts also brought another big risk, sales growth has been unpopular in advance the consumer’s shopping enthusiasm and demand, this winter entity clothing store sales will be more worrying.

dressing room effect "of the popular

online and offline channels difficult to coordinate

Jiang Weiwei was white-collar mall regulars, maintained once every two weeks to Xidan frequency, but two years ago, Jiang Weiwei’s consumption patterns change still frequent access to shopping malls, but not only go to buy clothes, try again after the way to buy online, "the price at least 30% cheaper". To the mall and abandon online shopping like Jiang Weiwei in a few. This phenomenon is called insiders room effect".

online and offline price differences, leading to the emergence of this phenomenon." Ma Gang told reporters that the online games in order to grab the low flow, greatly impacted the store sales system. In addition, the confusion of the channel also

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