Electronic commerce Rainbow Night left for the king and the website was shuffling

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is evolved from the local dialect (Mandarin mixed dialect) of the network buzzwords, that is, there is no meaning, is a kind of roar body. Users will feel excited when the 1 exclamation marks can not express their feelings, and played a lot of exclamation points. Don’t ask to have? What are the 2011 online online shopping! Is a blowout, but the vicious competition chaos also seriously disturbed the healthy development of the industry.

2011 review

from home appliances, clothing books, and even local products, insurance products, train tickets and so on, as long as consumers can think of, do not ask there are wood, the Internet has what!

2011, China’s e-commerce market blowout year. Statistics show that in the first three quarters of 2011, the overall scale of China’s e-commerce transactions has reached 5 trillion, more than the size of the full year in 2010 of the year, is expected in 2011 the annual transaction size will reach 7 trillion.

2011 is China’s e-commerce market transformation, B2C giant scale effect is becoming increasingly apparent, stride forward singing militant songs, and began struggling small network operators; group purchase market is from thousands of war hot flash into the winter ushered in the closures and layoffs. The network market Rainbow Night.

however, behind the bustling online shopping, but the electricity supplier giant peibenzhuanyaohe". Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong Jingdong earnings may be expected in the second half of 2012, Lok CEO Bi Sheng Electronic Commerce complain in public high investment, low margin and profit hopeless, he also said "electronic commerce is a hoax".

online shopping bill sparked heated debate

recently, one called "sun your Taobao spent a total of how much money, anyway, I want to die" posts in the network burst red, cause thousands of netizens, have been drying out their online shopping bill at the end of the year.

don’t know a Sai Sai, shocked! Many netizens found their own online shopping bills ", the amount of consumption a year too horrible to look at" million yuan is common, less than one hundred thousand of a few, most is reached 480 thousand.

relative to the reality of consumption, the consumption of online shopping users seem more impulsive and irrational. Many netizens have said, holding the real money to spend money to spend money, just look at the figures do not feel like flowers. A variety of discounts, limit spike, people prone to consumer impulse. A little mouse, the goods will be sent home. In fact, many things are not used to buy back." A netizen in the end their Sai rational analysis of online shopping bill.

the network giant also aimed at consumers in front of the computer shopping impulse, continue to "market manipulation", further detonated online shopping market. November 11, 2011 is known as the "century day", Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang, pat, online shopping giant began planning a few months ahead, only in November 11th "singles day.

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