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net loan

reporter Sun Qiru

the end of the year, in the face of more than P2P platform 10% or even 15% of the annual yield, do you have? Whether to sell and the net loan platform all guaranteed insurance benefits have "run away" news for you at


yesterday, the official website of the CBRC issued the "Interim Measures for business activity management network credit information agency (Draft)", since then, the network lending industry has been officially and has legal basis for the operation, which will allow the consumer lending network intends to try to eat a reassurance. The draft defines the net loan business boundary by the negative list approach, to provide the net lending institutions to the lender guarantees or promises guaranteed security interest, defect and risk of financing projects, inflated profits conceal false one-sided propaganda and other acts are prohibited.

net loan platform intends to ban sales under the line


industry regulatory rules can be described as "time and again come out".

previously, due to the rapid development of P2P industry and regulatory rules but uneven in quality, has not been introduced, some financial industry jokes P2P no barriers, no regulation, no qualification requirements of the "three noes" industry. This embarrassing situation on the one hand makes it difficult for investors to distinguish between the real innovation platform and pseudo innovation, the real fraud of the enterprise, the occurrence of a number of foot events, to bring huge harm to investors. On the other hand, the Internet financial companies are also due to the credibility of the industry as a whole has been compromised. In the future, many of the "three noes" platform will be shuffling out.

draft stipulates that the amount of borrowing to set the upper limit of the P2P platform to guide users to diversify investment. At the same time do not allow online sales. In addition to credit information collection, verification, tracking the credit collateral management, risk management and network lending regulations necessary business links clear, network lending information intermediary institutions shall carry out business in places outside the physical Internet, fixed telephone, mobile phone and other electronic channels.

P2P industry characteristics and innovation lies precisely on the line, small, risk diversification, which is the regulatory authorities to make full study of the characteristics of the industry to make a wise decision." Pat loan CEO Zhang Jun analysis.

although the draft did not set up before the industry has been predicted to pay 50 million of the capital of the threshold requirements, but it is proposed that the net loan institutions must choose the bank as a depository institution.

number of P2P practitioners believe that the threshold behind this provision is not low. Compared with the previous third party payment custodian in the industry, the cost of bank depository cooperation is much higher, need to spend a lot of time and money to butt." Recently completed and Minsheng Bank funds depository cooperation first KingNet President Zhou Jian said. The bank is still very cautious about the choice of depository business side, many small platforms may be unable to reach the threshold of access to bank deposits, or because of bank funds

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